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[S4E5] Inside Man ((TOP))

Shortly after the fall of Heisenberg at the offices of Saul Goodman & Associates, Saul retrieves a satchel full of cash from the ceiling while Francesca shreds documents. Saul breaks open the wall with the "We the People" wallpaper behind his desk and takes out his shoebox, which he places inside his luggage. He hands over two rolls of cash and a lawyer's business card to Francesca, before telling her to take a phone call on November 12. Saul offers Francesca a hug before she leaves to dispose of the shredded documents, but she scoffs and walks out. He then takes out a disposable cell phone from his desk drawer and calls Ed Galbraith, asking for an emergency extraction in coded language.

[S4E5] Inside Man


Spider-Man and the Black Cat attempt to stop a crime, but Black Cat is captured by Alistair Smythe. Smythe plans to use neogenics to restore the adulthood of his new employer, Silvermane. He tells Spider-Man to catch one of two neogenic subjects, Scorpion or the Vulture, to ensure Black Cat's release. In order to lure them out, Spider-Man convinces Curt Connors to declare that he has made a breakthrough on the science of neogenics. Hearing the announcement, Scorpion is convinced by Vulture, who he has been keeping hostage, to steal money in order for him to pay for Connors' neogenic treatment, which could make him normal again. Scorpion is attacked by Spider-Man, who defeats him and brings him to Smythe. However, Smythe double-crosses him and captures Spider-Man too, planning to use Scorpion's DNA to trade Spider-Man's youth with Silvemane's babyhood. The experiment is then interrupted by the Vulture, who has been released by Scorpion's partner, Sarah, so that he can save him. In the ensuing chaos, Spider-Man is freed, and Silvermane's energy is instead swapped with Vulture's, restoring the latter's youth and turning Silvermane back into an old man. The recombinator then overloads and the building begins to explode, but everyone inside escapes.

On July 4th, 1985, Eleven fought the Mind Flayer's proxy form at the Hopper cabin. While she managed to overpower the creature, a piece of the creature embedded itself inside Eleven's leg, wounding her. Later that night, Eleven collapsed and suffered a stroke - or something very similar to a stroke - prior to the battle at Starcourt Mall. Eleven recovered from her injury, but also discovered she no longer had access to her psychokinetic abilities. Dr. Martin Brenner believed that the attack on Eleven 'scrambled the signals' in her brain to the point that she effectively 'forgot' how to use her powers.

Owens and Eleven arrived at the Nina facility the next day. Eleven remained willing and enthusiastic to participate, until, to her displeasure, she discovered Dr. Brenner was alive and also working on the project. Eleven angrily attempted to flee the base, but Brenner ordered Eleven to be forcefully sedated. The unconscious Eleven was then injected with experimental drugs and placed inside the Nina sensory deprivation tank. While inside, she was exposed to audiovisual stimuli from Hawkins National Laboratory, 1979, via the form of old CCTV tapes playing on various screens.

After Eleven used the Void to spy on her friends in Hawkins, she grew concerned for Max, and wanted to help in their fight against Vecna. However, Brenner sought to continue the Nina experiments, wanting to push Eleven's abilities beyond their previous limit. Brenner and Owens began to argue when Eleven insisted on returning to Hawkins, which provoked Brenner to forcefully incapacitate both Eleven and Owens; Owens was chained to a rail inside the observation room, while sedating and collaring Eleven.

Shortly after this, Lt. Colonel Sullivan launched a full-scale military attack on the facility, deploying vehicles, weaponry and a helicopter. They burst down the door to the facility with a bomb and charged inside, killing the guards. Most, if not all, of the scientists attempted to escape through a hidden escape hatch, but were all apparently shot and killed by the helicopter's sniper. After locating Owens and ignoring his pleas to spare Eleven, Sullivan ordered his men to execute her. However, Eleven used her telekinetic powers to crash the helicopter into the facility. Brenner died, while Eleven was rescued by her friends; Sullivan and his men were seen emerging from the facility, but it is unknown what came to be of Dr. Owens.

Natalie drives Adrian Monk to a winery in Sonoma County to mark his anniversary, where he and Trudy honeymooned. Going inside, they are welcomed by resort host Sylvia Willis. The whole time, Adrian profusely apologizes for the events of last year (the previous year, they had planned a mystery weekend in which a couple of actors were going to act out a murder, which was supposed to last for three days had Monk not solved the "case" in twelve minutes, forcing everyone to be refunded and a new rule to not have any mysteries when Monk is around).

At Craster's Keep, Locke scouts the keep for the party of the Night's Watch sent to eliminate the traitors holed up there; in his reconnaissance, Locke finds the hut where Bran Stark, Jojen, Meera and Hodor are being held captive. Reporting back to Jon Snow and the others, Locke tells them that only eleven traitors are present and most of them are drunk and won't prove much of a threat. He also lies about the hut where Jon's brother Bran and his group are being imprisoned, claiming there are only hounds kept inside and that they should keep away from it to prevent the dogs alerting their enemy. Believing Locke, Jon agrees and tells the party they attack at nightfall. 041b061a72

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