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Arundhati Tamil Full Movie | 2009 | Anushka Shetty, Sonu Sood

the poor quality of all the news reports in both print and television were glaring. yet, the media played a decisive role in the election campaign. if the election was held on tuesday, the media would have done its job. unfortunately, it did not, and the tamil nadu people had to vote for a party that promised a disaster-free election. but the media has done its job. the media has created a new political party. the media will create a new leader, a new party, a new political system. you dont have to be a good person to be a politician or a political leader. the media will do it for you.

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as i came back from the school, i was surprised to see a small beach on which several boats were stranded. a tamil tv crew had been there earlier, and i went to speak to the crew. the staff complained that they had been beaten up by local officials when they were there.

the tamil tv crew told me that they had been told by the police that if they were to report on the plight of the fisherfolk, they would be given tickets and asked to return to nagapattinam. the police told the tv crew that it is the fishermen who have been conducting illegal fishing.

in chennai, i was told that on the day the tsunami hit, the police had warned of high tide and asked the news media to go and film this. although tamil nadu state has a record of tsunamis, this one was the worst one in the history of the state. to date, the tamil nadu government has not been able to explain why the tsunami struck.

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