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Use the ee.Image.getThumbURL() method to generate a PNG or JPEG thumbnail image for an ee.Image object. Printing the outcome of an expression ending with a call to getThumbURL() results in a URL being printed. Visiting the URL sets Earth Engine servers to work on generating the requested thumbnail on-the-fly. The image is displayed in a browser when processing completes. It can be downloaded by selecting appropriate options from the image's right-click context menu.

Bink Set Mix Bins@16 Download UPD

You can also use an information file with the --bins-info parameter to describe the source of your bins (and even assign them some colors to have some specific visual identifiers for any type of visualization downstream).

The summary process can take a lot of time. If you want to take a quick look to identify which bins need to be refined, you can run anvi-summarize with --quick-summary flag to generate a quick-summary.

After running anvi-summarize, you may realize that you are not happy with one or more of your bins. This often is the case when you are working with very large datasets and when you are forced to skip the human guided binning step. The program anvi-refine gives you the ability to make finer adjustments to a bin that may be contaminated. 076b4e4f54

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