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Install Mac Os X On Hp Probook 4540s Laptop

If you have any other Sandy Bridge (core i3 or above) laptop, you can try this method anyway, just be sure to search the tonymacx86 forums for your particular laptop to see if someone else has already tried hackintoshing it. You can also install Mac OS X Snow Leopard on your ProBook or any other laptop (instead of Lion) as described in the iBoot+MultiBeast method. The following procedure is a detailed explanation of the Lion install guide by BlueKing (for snow leopard installation, you may also refer to this guide).

Install Mac Os X On Hp Probook 4540s Laptop

For those trying to get sound to work on the HP Pavilion G4, some models use the same audio chipset as the Probook 4540s. You can get it done by installing the AppleHDA.kext and AppleHDAIDT.kext for this model. Just use something like Kext Utility and it should work after a restart.

Combined with a flawless install via UniBeast, I set up everything in under an hour. Below is a picture of the Geekbench score, 4809, which bests a number of Intel Macs. There are a few major drawbacks to this particular model, especially when compared with a Mac laptop. First, the display, although they advertise it as an LED, it's dim, and needs some warmup time. Even though it has a 15.6' screen, it's native resolution is only 1366x768.

Unfortunately, once sacrifices are made in multiple areas, the user ends up with a substandard product both in quality and experience. If you can live with the limitations, the Probook is a viable alternative. Although I have had fun with the HP Probook project, I still don't recommend buying any laptop for Mac OS X besides a real Mac. You can usually find a considerably discounted Mac on in the. Amazon and Newegg also have great prices on older Mac models at the time of refreshes.Special thanks to the community of HP Probook 4530s users, especially bkribbs, Electronshaper, BigDonkey, Dewitts and masso912. We've opened up a special subforum dedicated to the complete with full installation guides and tools. It's incredible to see such dedication to a specialized project like this. Check it out!Let us know what other laptop models have worked for you!

The HP recovery software allows you to reinstall the operating system on your laptop when it crashes or to back up any company files you might have to a different storage device before wiping out the entire hard drive. The process for resetting your HP laptop without a restore disc is as follows.

Here is my EFI for HP ProBook 4540s. I gave you this EFI, because you want it for a laptop. Take a look especially at Booter->Patch and Kernel->Patch, if you want to have unsupported SMBIOS's with Ventura. I have 6 rigs working like a charm with unsupported SMBIOS's.

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