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Diablo Immortal on Mac: A Guide to Play the MMORPG on Your Apple Device

Download and play Diablo Immortal on PC with NoxPlayer! Diablo Immortal is a classic role-playing game based on the Diablo Immortal series. It is developed by Blizzard Entertainment which also developed Hearthstone and WoW Companion. NoxPlayer is the best emulator to play Diablo Immortal on PC. You can download Diablo Immortal apk in here and find Diablo Immortal gameplay and reviews on our blog.

can you download diablo immortal on mac

This guide will tell you how to install Diablo Immortal on M1 Mac. First, you have to download the virtual box on your Mac and then create a virtual machine after installation on your Mac. Then you have to set up a virtual machine on your Windows 10 and download After this, you can install Diablo Immortal on your Mac.

Update: Following its early launch on iOS and Android devices, Diablo Immortal has now launched in beta on PC. A Mac version is not yet available, but that a computer version is available at all is a change from when Immortal was originally announced, as it was only slated to come to mobile. It's free-to-play on all platforms, so you can download it now and give it a try to see what it's like for yourself. On PC, you can grab it through the app, while iPhone/iPad users can grab it through the App Store and Android users can get it on Google Play. The original story follows.

Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play title with Blizzard monetizing the game through in-app purchases, though the company says the "core game experience" will always be free. The game can be downloaded from the App Store. More information about the game can be found on Blizzard's website.

We also listed an emulator, which is the Nox Player, if you want to play Diablo Immortal on the computer. This is considered one of the most perfect Android emulators to play mobile games on computers. It is fully optimized with a smooth and stable gaming experience that can be compared to a gaming console. Moreover, you can download and install it on different platforms including Windows PC and macOS. To start using this emulator, you can try and check these steps provided below as your guide.

Another emulator is also considered as one of the best Android emulators that you can try to help you on how to play Diablo Immortal on computer. It offers more than 2 million Android games that you can choose from including the Diablo Immortal that you can play right on your computer. This emulator can be downloaded on your Windows PC and macOS which offers a free version and a monthly subscription for you to be able to use its advanced optional features. Below are the steps that you need to follow for you to play Diablo Immortal via BlueStacks on your PC.

Yes, you can download Diablo Immortal for PC. Along with the Android title, Blizzard launched an open beta for PC to test the game on Windows. This version will allow you to save your progress, so you don't have to start from scratch once the final release arrives.

To play Diablo Immortal on PC, click on this link and tap the Play Now button. Install the downloaded file as per the instructions in the installation wizard. It should install Diablo Immortal as part of the set-up process. If not, open the app you just installed, go to the Games tab, select Diablo Immortal, and install it.

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If there isn't enough space to download and install an update, the software on your device will try to make space. It will remove only app data that it can download again and doesn't remove or relocate any of your data. If your device still doesn't have enough space, you can use your computer to update your device.

You need an internet connection to update your device. The time it takes to download the update varies according to the size of the update and your internet speed. You can use your device normally while downloading the update, and your device will notify you when you can install it. To improve the speed of the download, avoid downloading other content and use a Wi-Fi network.

GOG Galaxy aims to be a one-stop shop for all your game libraries, but it also allows you to download and install games from You can change where games are installed, but there is no built-in button to move downloaded games to a new folder.

Click the gear icon in the top-left corner and open Settings > Installing, updating and select Game installation folder. Choose your preferred location and future games will be saved here. We can also manipulate this feature to move downloaded games to a new location.

Click on the game again to install it, and when it asks you where you want it installed, choose the folder where you copied the game files (in our example, D:\Games\GOG). It will begin installing the game, realize the files are already there, and the installation will complete very quickly, without re-downloading the files a second time.

EA has phased out the Origin Launcher in favor of its new EA app. While the new service promises faster download speeds, updates and the ability to communicate with friends across different platforms, EA is missing Origin's extremely useful Move Games option to let you transfer game files within the client.

After this is done, you will need to open Settings > Download in the EA app and change the install directory in the settings. Click Edit next to Install location and choose your new destination. When you download a game, you will be prompted to locate the game files and tell the client the new folder destination.

Click the three dots next to the game, and choose Uninstall to remove the original game file. Return to the game in your library and re-install it, choosing the preferred destination. Allow the download to start, then cancel the installation.

Immortal received mixed reviews, with praise for its combat, graphics, and the adaption of Diablo to mobile, while criticism targeted the plot, voice acting, and the game's focus on microtransactions. It became the lowest user-rated game on Metacritic in response to microtransactions and the progression system. Immortal had the biggest launch in the franchise's history with over ten-million downloads, reaching 30 million downloads by the end of July 2022.

The following month, NetEase confirmed the game's updated China release date of July 25, 2022.[104][113] Sources cited by Bloomberg indicated that this date was still "subject to last-minute changes";[104][113] however, the release went ahead as planned.[114] Due to the ongoing ban of the game's Weibo account, NetEase did not make any social media announcement for the updated launch date (though did set up pre-launch marketing pages on the App Store and TapTap online game stores).[114] On the first two days of release, Immortal was first place in the country's iOS video game downloads,[115] with some players on popular regional servers experienced queues of over 5,000 people.[114]

Within the first week of release, Blizzard announced Diablo Immortal as having the biggest launch in the Diablo franchise's history, having reached over ten million downloads.[178][179] They later announced that, it had reached over 20 million global installs by July 24, 2022,[180] and over 30 million downloads by July 29, 2022.[181] Activision Blizzard's second-quarter financial results for 2022 (which cited Immortal as the reason for its increase from 22 million monthly users to 27 million) indicated that 50% of Diablo Immortal player accounts to-date were newly-registered with Blizzard, suggesting (due to Blizzard's player sign-in requirements) that they had likely not played any prior Diablo game.[182]

A few troubleshooting tips from my own experience: If the game either doesn't start or starts without sound, you may need to force the game to use a specific version of Proton (which allows Windows games to play under the Linux-based Steam OS). Right-click on the Steam library entry for, and go to Properties > Compatibility and require the app to use the recently released GE-Proton 7-51-diablo_4_beta version, specifically tweaked for Diablo 4.

To get that specific Proton version, if you don't already have it, go to the Discovery app on the Steam Deck desktop, which is like an app store. Search for "ProtonUp Qt. Install" and run that app, and from there find and install the special "7-51-diablo_4_beta" version.

Your copy of Tableau Desktop can stay current with the latest features, security resolutions, and fixes through dot (maintenance) releases. By default, Tableau Desktop is configured to install dot releases for you automatically with a feature named Automatic Product Updates. When you start Tableau Desktop for the first time after a dot release becomes available, you see a prompt offering to download it after you exit Tableau Desktop. You can choose to postpone or skip the update. (The Product Update feature will not automatically install a major upgrade.)

You can also check for product updates at any time by selecting Check for Product Updates from the Help menu. If a new maintenance version is available, Tableau gives you an opportunity to download and install the latest version.

We are exploring the issues people are experiencing with some Samsung Galaxy specific devices that use Exynos chipsets. For now, we may disable downloads for this set of devices while we work to address this. Apologies on this and we will be working on getting a fix up and ready as soon as possible.

This wikiHow teaches you how to download and run the setup file for the desktop app when you're using a computer. You can install for free on any Windows or Mac computer. You won't need an account to download or install the desktop app. You can log in with your Blizzard account when the installation is finished.

When you open Zenbeats, everything you need to create is immediately at your fingertips. Drop a beat with the ZR1 Drum Sampler, sketch synth ideas with the ZC1 Synthesizer, record audio tracks, and mix masterpieces on the go. And when you need some extra fuel, you can access lessons, download song templates, browse Store sounds, and more within the app.

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